Summer Safety Tips for Families

Summer is here and everyone is more than ready to take advantage of the great weather, get outside, and have some fun. Sadly the summer comes with its own set of dangers. From strangers taking advantage of kids playing outside to pools, grills, and even fireworks. Keep your kids safe this summer with these summer safety tips.
Safety Playing Outside
Playing outside is packed with dangers. If your kids are outside on their own, make sure they understand these simple safety guidelines:
  • Do not go into the road to chase a toy. If old enough remember to look both way and wait for cars to pass.
  • Do not talk to strangers or accept candy or other things from people without asking you.
  • Don't approach strange dogs walking down the street or in fences as you walk.
  • Get permission before leaving the area or taking off.
  • Wear a helmet while riding bikes and skating.
  • Play in groups for safety.
  • Check in often.
Water safety
Water safety is a big issue in the summer as everyone hunts down water to stay cool. From pools to boating on the lake, teaching kids water safety is a great way to help protect your child this summer.
  • Teach children how to swim at a very young age.
  • Always wear life jackets on a boat.
  • Do not trust flotation devices to protect your child. That is when parents let their guard down.
  • Do not allow children to play near water unsupervised.
  • Fence off pools to keep children from falling in.
Grill and Firepit Safety
Curious children often wonder too close to the family grill or fire pit. This often ends with large burns.
  • Supervise children well near grills and fires.
  • Use baby gates and play yards to keep young children at a safe distance from heat.
  • Teach children to stay away from hot surfaces and never touch the grill or fire pit even when they think it has not been used recently.
Sun Safety
The summer sun can take a toll on the human body. Protecting children from the sun can help keep them healthy.
  • Use sunscreen and remember to reapply it. Apply more often if playing in the water.
  • Wear clothes that cover the skin with UV protection and UV protected sunglasses to protect vision.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water while playing out in the sun even if you are playing in the water.
Fireworks safety
Fireworks are a fun part of summer but they are also a very dangerous part.
  • Cover ears of young children to protect them from damage.
  • Light fireworks where they will not catch anything else on fire.
  • Keep young children that may run towards fireworks inside fences or play yards.
  • Talk to older children about the risks of fireworks and why they should not light them themselves.
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