Great Ways to Spend Time With Your Kids This Summer

All year your children are always so busy with school, activities, and homework heaped on them. The summer is the perfect time to catch up on quality time with your kids. With a little creativity, some fun ideas, and a smile on your face you can enjoy these great ways to spend time with your kids this summer.
Camping is a great way to get quality family time together while your child has the summer off. Put the screens away, go fishing, take the kids on a nature hike and enjoy s'mores around the campfire. Camping is a great way to spend time with your kids this summer. You can go full roughing it in tents under the stars for spice it up with a fancy "glamping" trip. Camping, not an option? How about a backyard or living room campout for a fun night of quality time.
State Parks
Want to get out and enjoy some time outdoors with your kids this summer without the commitment of an overnight camping trip? Visiting local state and national parks is a great option. Each state is packed with amazing things to see and do in local parks. Kansas has some the most amazing sights after climbing hills, and the fresh water springs are an amazing thing to enjoy in Florida all for the cost of a few dollars per car.
Sports & Activities
Have you tried your child's favorite sports and activities? Spending time doing what your child loves is a great way to get quality time with your child this summer. Dive in and give something new a try and show your child that you care about what they care about. Don't fear to ask your child to join you in a past time you enjoy. Hobbies are a great way to opening doors for communication for parents and children.
Learn a New Skill
A great way for the whole family to benefit is to come together and learn a new skill. Sit around together and make a list of things everyone has wanted to try and learn. Whittle them down to a few options that fit your budget, time, and abilities. Cooking, crafting, and gardening skills are a great place to start for the entire family to come together and learn a new skill. Challenging your family to learn a new skill every year will leave your children with plenty of knowledge and skills they can use when they are grown up.
1-on-1 Time
Look for opportunities to spend time one on one with your child. Even taking one of your kids along to run errands and grab a $1 ice cream is a great way to spend time with your kids this summer. Children thrive on one and one time that allows them to talk and bond with you. The important part about spending time with your kids is to focus on spending time with them. Your child will not remember how much money you spent on that family movie night with Netflix and some popcorn but they will remember snuggling up on the couch staying up well past bedtime.

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