Bring Back Imaginations with Kaskey Kids Football Guys

Remember all of the great games you played as a kid using nothing but your imagination and some stuff around the house? Or how about playing football in the yard, or setting up the little plastic army guys to play pretend? Well, these days kids don't seem to be using their imaginations as much, and to me that is a problem. Kaskey Football Guys Kaskey Kids has come up with a solution. Their hand painted sports figure sets come in football guys, baseball guys, basketball guys, hockey guys, soccer guys, soccer girls, and even some specifically branded sports teams for various playtime adventures and hours of fun! Kaskey Football Guys Kids and adults can play together and use these toys in so many ways. Some examples include: visual teaching aids for coaches and parents, toys promoting imaginative open play and fun decorations for sports events. We even used some of ours to decorate the cake for the party! For more information visit the Kaskey Kids website. You can purchase your own sets on Amazon:

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