Play Uninterrupted with Hickies No Tie Lace System

nanea Hate tying your kids' shoes everyday before they step out of the house? Hate stopping to tie your own shoes mid-run? I know the last thing I want to do once I get in the exercise groove is pause to tie my shoe laces. That is one of the many reasons my family and I love HICKIES. HICKIES products turn any pair of sneakers into convenient, comfortable, and stylish slip-ons that are perfect for any activity from recess play to Mom and Dad's triathlons.  Since they are easy to adjust, you can leave them loose for casual wear, or tight to give added support for longer and more vigorous workouts. They come in a variety of colors and can be used in adult or child shoes.
  • Works in any shoe with eyelets.
  • One size fits all.
  • Elastic material keeps shoes secure and comfortable.
  • Never tie again! Play uninterrupted.
  • Fun look, without messy knots and bows.
  • Adjustable tightness.
  • Quick and easy - simply slip on and off.
Discount Offer
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