20 Minion Recipes & Crafts to Celebrate Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3 is in theaters as of June 30th, which means that the Minions are BACK this summer! Check out this list of 20 Minion Recipes and Crafts to make to celebrate the big movie!
  1. Minion Paper Plate Craft
  2. Minion Snack Mix
  3. Minion Bubbles Party Favors
  4. Minion Smoothie
  5. Minion Fruit Skewers
  6. Minion Cake Pops
  7. Minion Pancakes
  8. Minion Rice Krispies Treats
  9. Homemade Minion Ice Cream
  10. Minion Cupcakes
  11. Minion Sugar Cookies
  12. Minion Popcorn
  13. Minion Milkshake
  14. Minions Energy Bites
  15. Minions Cake Dip
  16. Minions Playdoh
  17. Minions Pretzel Bark
  18. Minion Sensory Bin
  19. Minions Marshmallow Treats
  20. Minions Frozen Yogurt Bark
  21. Minions Cake Mix Cookies
  22. DIY Painted Minions Shoes
  23. Minion Rocks
  24. Minions Banana Pudding Trifle
  25. Minion Ornament

*This post is not sponsored, we just really love these Minion crafts and activities.*

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